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Status Report on UnB’s N-prize team

May 5, 2011

This week we debut our blog and officially initiate our public activities. We have already made the firsts sketches of our nano satellite launcher. The launcher the SD-NP (SantosDumont N-prize) will be a multistage hybrid  rocket based in a Paraffin/H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide) combustion pair. The peroxide was chosen over the nitrous oxide (N2O), the oxidizer normally used by the team, due mainly to it’s low cost, R$ 3,8/kg contra R$42/kg do N2O, and it’s storability. Hydrogen peroxide in concentrations as hight as 70% (aqueous solution) can be easily acquired in Brasil and is produced here. The specific impulse, the efficiency of a rocket, of a paraffin/H2O2 (70%) rocket is around 190 s for low chamber pressures and as high as 242 s for high pressures (sea level values). The combination of medium specific impulses, very low costs and storability made H2O2 the obvious choice.

On the following weeks we will develop a MultiDisciplinary Optimization (MDO) algorithm to select the best configuration for the SD-NP.  The resulting optimum rocket will form the basis for the SD-NP’s final engineering design.

We are currently searching for sponsorship for light weight aluminum tubing and hydrogen peroxide.

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