Modular test bench

Parallel to the Santos Dumont rocket program a advanced test benches program was developed, this program was aimed in developing versatility rocket test benches capable of generating good experimental material for propulsion studies. The first bench employed in the program was a refurbished INPE (National Institute of Space Studies) bench that a group a UnB students operated in one of the greatest rocket test campaigns ever made in Brazil with more than 50 test fires made in a month. With the knowledge gained in the INPE campaign a new versatile test bench was design by the Hybrid Team. The new bench was designed for a modular operation in a way that new experiments could easily be adapted and realized. The modular test bench has being used in experiments as diverse as; thrust modulation, bio-parafin research, nozzle refrigeration and combustion instability characterization. The test bench operated in UnB is currently the most active experimental rocket facility in Brazil making an average of 30 test fires a year.

Rocket test fire in INPE

Modular bench render

The Modular test Bench

INPE’s Test

Modular bench

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